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We love to fly the world

ECM Global Aviation is developing the new way of flying with unique services.

Air without the limits The future of flying

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Your time is too important
to waste

Take your business, leisure or hobbies to another level, high up in the skies in a
completely new way, with ECM Global Aviation. Wherever you wish to go we will take
you, creating an incredibly unique experience, making you enjoy every last second of it.

Whether it is for business, leisure, hobbies, ECM Global Aviation is developing
the new way to take you wherever you wish, with unique experience.

Have a look at the map and pick destination of your choice, you will have always reasons to travel, leave the rest to us.

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Our Specialty

ECM Global Aviation is developing the new way of flying which will include

  • Simplified travel. No more queues, no more waiting. Just air time.
  • Flying without lines. You choose your destinations and layovers. Don't get stranded ever again.
  • One minute (or less) booking. Avoid complicated online questionnaires and just book where you want and need to go, and choose your own timing. Let the flight adapt to your needs, not vice versa.
  • Diamond Class experience. Just best for the ones who want just the best. Personalized concierge. Get spoiled. Just enjoy the view and let us do everything else.
  • Top services on and off board. It's not just a flight, it's an experience. Let the flight last a short time, let the memories last a long time.
  • Amazing travel programs. Organization of single or multi day touristic arrangements by airplane (fairs, concerts, sport competitions…)
  • Fastest and most efficient cargo services.
ECM Global - Aviation app

Our app will be your way for future of flying

ECM Global Aviation will present mobile app that will act as an assistant to buying tickets and reservations, but you will also choose where the flight will go and when will it take place. Your imagination is the limit.

In short time ECM Global Aviation will announce unique flying services in connection with highest technology standards in terms of booking system that will allow you easier, more comfortable and relaxed start of your journey.

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